Friday, 29 July 2011

My Marketing Team- Part 1

Hello my good people!

I know it's been long..but here I talk about my MARKETING TEAM...

First up I have Arjun Kandikuppa... he is the "on n off" leader of the pack.. The guy exudes an aura that says, "u have a problem...I have the solution"...... but wait a while n u get to see his sheepish smile that goes..
" ha ha..u fell for it! :P "

Next up.. Pankaj Vidhan....the dude who heads the Sponsorship branch of my marketing team.
He has the " I don't care how..just Go crack the Deal" funda...which puts my marketing team in the "I accept the challenge" mode...  He is chilled out..he is unpredictble... but when he works, he really does!

And now  the juniors..

I have 2 females working for my marketing and promotion...Ankita and Sanjana

Ankita Sharma is involved in the online marketing.. easy job, eh? Negligible travelling...  Laptop being her soul mate, no worries at all.......... ahhh..if only it were that simple.
 The girl is a typical gemini... moody like pune's weather (come visit SIMS on 13th,14th Aug and u'l know what I am talking about )...a little distracted...a little lost on some days............n utterly mad...or abso sarcastic on others.

Sanjana Negi..the pretty little woman with enchanting eyes....She is smart..she is talented...n she is in my sponsorship team...
Fix an appointment? oh yea..she'l do it in a jiffy.......not only that...she'l Go bag the deal. A no-nonsense girl...speaks to the point , the best part being...people don't just hear her...they Listen.

Also, I have another girl in my team, My Sponsor Machine, Ruby Balwada. She is one chick who has no issues with field work, not only that, she likes it and is GOOD at it. Energetic and cheerful she is one dependable sponsor-magnet!

I am sure you all are waiting for the junior boys intro...... wait some more... the budding marketeers are gonna be introduced in the next post..

Adios for now

By the way, feel free to comment... it's just ME and YOU here....  ;D

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Registrations have opened!!

The website is already a HIT!!

My My... I am on a roll or what!
These SIMS student managers are a force to reckon with.. they sure are gonna make me, BARCODE 2011 better than ever..

I think it's high time my hardworking team deserves a mention.

Next up, an INTRO to the MARKETING TEAM

Friday, 8 July 2011

Video Launch ..and a question...

People! I am proud to announce that we have a video already in place.

My Creative team has outdone itself and created something that is concise and brief but conveys EVERYTHING about me.... all that is needed for you to do is to register yourselves as soon as the Registrations open....
 but before that, think about the fact that in the race to make a difference, only ONE shall prevail... WILL IT BE YOU??

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

POSTER news!!!

Hello people!
A lot of traffic I see... good good.... your curiosity motivates me to keep you guessing. ;D

My Events Team is cooking up one event after another... some fun, some management oriented.......some...well, lets just say if you are a participant,  ALL aspects are going to be tested.

OHHH!! Today's News: My official POSTER is almost ready and is set to go public in a day or two!
Will it be colorful? Will it be theme based? Is the team gonna let it's imagination run wild?

Wait and Watch

Saturday, 2 July 2011

July is here...

It's been said that the best time to visit Pune is between july and feb. People, July has arrived and come next month, so will you.

July...a month that is going to be a little tough for Team Barcode. 'A little' I say, since I am sure the team will have a lot of fun too this month. The Challenge, the deadlines, the urgency.

The Marketing Team has already started field work, ie., Sponsorship  related visits. 
The Events Team is designing one fabulous event after another.
The PR Team is all set to go public with the official Barcode 2011 proposal.

Yes.... I am in good hands. I am sure, my Team is going to make my existence a memorable one.
The best part about my Team? The work environment. An unsaid motto of Work,Talk, Laugh has come up in these 4-5 days of interaction.

I will be posting some pics in my next post and you will be introduced to my team in the coming ones(psst...candid pics only! )

Watch this space for more..

To have a great idea, have a lot of them.