Monday, 8 August 2011

My Marketing Team- Part 2

And now I come to the junior guys (Ladies, start taking notes ;D )

Varun Srivastava, the charmer, knows what to say, how to say and to whom. His disarming smile and the twinkle in his eyes are constant companions, so no surprises in guessing who wins over our tough nut sponsors

Akshay Singh Pathania, the guy you feel like talking it why he goes for max meetings and impresses one and all? :)
He's skilled in the art of dramatics, but he is "Absolutely Akshay" once you get talking, is what I have observed.

Pranav Singh, the chilled out, fun to be with punjabi munda of my team. You want to party? He's the man to approach. But don't get me wrong, I've seen him working too...cracking deals, getting things done........he can do it all!

Rahul Gadh, the soft spoken guy who is willing to do the field work, without complain......Always a pleasant attitude and a genuine smile, he makes people around feel comfy and relaxd

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